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The Azores, officially called Autonomous Region of the Azores, is a transcontinental and an autonomous territory of the Portuguese Republic, located in the northeast Atlantic, endowed with political and administrative autonomy.

The archipelago consists of nine main islands divided into three goups: western group (Flores and Corvo), central group (Faial, Graciosa, Pico, São Jorge and Terceira) and eastern group (São Miguel and Santa Maria).
Of immense beauty, the nine islands of the Azores are unique in the world. Volcanic result of the connection of three tectonic plates – the European, American and African. Legend say that the nine islands are the result of the higher hills of paradise underwater “Atlantis”. Green landscapes contrasting with the blue of the sea, hydrangeas and cows are some of the magnificent scenery that your vision will delight. The Azores are endowed with a mystical beauty and paradise that surrounds and enchants any nature lover.

Fickle climate. Throughout the year you can experience the all four seasons in one day. Do not despair if you wake up with a cloudy and rainy day as the afternoon you can enjoy a magnificent summer sun.

Friendly and welcoming people that have much pride and respect for their land. It is likely to make a friend or share a joke with someone.

Portugal has one of the best cuisines in the world and the Azores share his fame. Traditional Baked Furnas made of natural boilers, octopus stew, grilled limpets, fried mackerel with traditional sauce, beef stew, yams, black puddings and sausages are some of the dishes that you can enjoy during your stay.

Come visit us and prove how beautiful and captivating the Azores may be…